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Posted on 4 Jan ’13 by mimumau in 365

DuckingOutWe took advantage of the stunning weather today and went to one of our favourite local parks: Los Gatos Creek, which is connected to the extremely pretty Vasona Lake park in central Los Gatos. We often ride our bikes from Vasona to Los Gatos creek, as the latter has an excellent dog run and some beautiful water ways, teeming with wildlife. For more scenery, continue on…

midlakepathThis is a path in between the two reservoirs at the park. The park’s in a fairly industrial area of Los Gatos, but you don’t tend to notice it much. Besides which, “industrial” for Los Gatos is pretty much “industrial light”.


One of the activities this little lake is used for is remote control boating. This bloke just happened to be indulging today as we walked past. Thanks, dude!


The views really are stupidly nice.


Sadly, at least from my point of view (the point of view that insists that the fish be able to wield weapons), fishing is a popular activity at the park. Here’s something I found left right in the middle of the path for anyone to stand on. Generally people aren’t quite so careless here, but you do get the occasional person who doesn’t take advantage of all the safe disposal areas for these torture devices that the park has set up. Mmm, tetanus!

swanningAnd, finally, the single swan that rules the roost at the park. I’d always thought that swans were supposed to be aggressive creates, but this one is quite friendly. He (I’m guessing it’s a he) particularly likes the park rangers and I’ve often seen him soliciting pats from them. I’ve also had to squeeze past this guy to use the park’s toilets one time, as he was busy pooing right at the toilet door. Hmm, maybe this swan is a girl, after all… 🙂




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