filoli gardens

Posted on 9 Feb ’13 by mimumau in 365

We visited Filoli today, a gorgeous formal garden, grounds and stunning old mansion in Woodside, California, just off the 280 highway headed north towards San Francisco. It’s very early in the season and we thought, since magnolias are in bloom in the south bay, where we are, surely they’ll be exploding at Filoli. They weren’t; they were just budding, but they were still gorgeous.


The other stars of the day were the camellias. They were going crazy everywhere, so I was pretty much in heaven.








For some weird reason, Filoli is only open until 3.30pm daily, so we, along with everybody else who was visiting, made a mad dash to the exquisite garden shop in the last 15 minutes that the place was open. Though they had lots of felted bunnies, we didn’t buy anything today. Next time! πŸ™‚




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