Fledging hummingbirds

Posted on 29 Mar ’18 by mimumau in home

Recently we had the pleasure of having an Anna’s (I assume 🙂 ) hummingbird make its nest in a rhododendron tree in our backyard. I was lucky enough to witness the moment when baby number two got brave enough to take its first flight. We’d been watching for the few weeks it takes from nesting to fledging, so it was a pretty emotional moment watching baby number two leaving the nest and I became quite weepy about it all. 🙂

Is today the day?

Maybe? But the nest is so warm, even though the sibling left yesterday.

Whoah, wings help to not fall off the edge of the nest?! Who knew?

What else can these wing things do?


And away we go!

Okay, that was tiring.

Where’s my mum? I’m hungry after all that effort!

Hummermama assist!

Just chilling :).

Whew, the world is a big place!

I think you’ve got this, little guy. Come back and visit regularly, please!
Bonus Hummermama keeping an eye on things:

Second bonus, baby hummer number one shortly after leaving the nest the previous day (baby one was always the bolder of the two 🙂 ):

And now, we just have an empty nest, but what a lovely nest it is.


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