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Posted on 5 Feb ’13 by mimumau in 365

camelliaWe took a little walk this morning just around the local area. Already, camellias are blooming and falling. Wattle trees are going crazy and the dog appears to have brought with him a spare bladder. Ah, spring!







  1. Lovely – particulary the camelia and ‘wattle’ (it’s a Mimosa, is it?)

    • Thanks, Val! I’m pretty sure this is the acacia decurrens dealbata (one of the many types of acacia or what I know as “wattle” in Oz) due to when it flowers (early spring). We have a mimosa at our house that will bloom later in spring and into the middle of summer and is dormant during winter (now). I’m not 100% certain, though! Our mimosa has pretty pink flowers that are much bigger than the wattle flowers :).


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