off to the vet’s

Posted on 1 Feb ’13 by mimumau in 365

mimuvetFor nothing major, we just had to do a follow up visit, as my boy here had a leaky eye and had lost a pound in weight rather quickly. So, his eye stopped leaking after a dose of antihistamines (which he had to take for a week) and he didn’t lose any more weight after an relatively unheard of prescription of “feed him more wet food.” I mean, what vet ever says that?  So while my darling was having his checkup and my bloke was making sure he was happy, I got to snap a few photo of the event. What strikes me, along with the annoyed face I’m getting here, is how elegant our vet’s fingers are :). Anyway, the final opinion is that my beautiful sixteen year old boy is doing wonderfully—extremely pleasing, as he has a very low level kidney disease thing going on, which seems to be responding very well to the supplements he’s on. Yay!


tzaravet2He was pretending not to enjoy this, but the boy loves a scritch :).




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