the xmess grevillea goes outside to play

Posted on 2 Jan ’13 by mimumau in 365

xmessGrevilleaWe’d decided that we wanted a living tree for Xmess, so, after wandering about our local nursery, we settled upon this grevillea. Much to the cats’ delight, it stayed in the house for a couple of weeks and gave them something to sit under when staring out the lounge room window. This particular plant is a lavender grevillea (Grevillea lavandulaceaand is a nice reminder of the plants of my home country (Australia), even if I haven’t lived there in what has become a rather long time. It’s just now that the flowers are dying off, so it really was a perfect ‘tree,’ having already come decorated. Of course, we added a few extra ornaments to it…

GrumpyOwlGrumpy owl…

seahorsenom…the seahorse was apparently a tasty one.



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