yummies @ cupola

Posted on 3 Mar ’13 by mimumau in 365, Food

yummiesVisiting friends in the city (San Francisco), I got to sample some delightful nibbles at Cupola Pizzeria. Of course, I’m a shitty date; I couldn’t try the actual pizza or pasta due to rather ridiculous allergies to both wheat and corn (many restaurants have gluten free pasta, but it’s corn-based). Not to worry, though, as I had what you see above (Brussels sprouts with pink lady apples and whole grain mustard, roasted beetroot with mint and onion, delightful Castelvetrano olives and the nicest kale I’ve ever had, with pine nuts), an incredible heirloom carrot salad and some warm pulled mozzarella cheese with this insane Brussels sprouts, olive oil and meyer lemon dressing. SO. GOOD.

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