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Posted on 13 Jan ’13 by mimumau in 365

newflowersThis 365 photo project continues to go well, if for no other reason than I’m taking my camera with me everywhere I go. This was something I hadn’t done for quite some time and it’s a habit I’m really enjoying getting back into. Today involved just popping down to the farmers’ market to get a few veggies, then popping out to a couple of stores (Whole Foods and a sweet little organic market) to top up on what the farmers’ market didn’t have. After zipping home with our bounty, we grabbed the dog  and went to the park. So, here’s the rest…


Even though I’ve lived in California for almost two years now, I’m still blown away by the fact that farmers’ markets are open all year and will happily sell me capsicums in January.


It took all I had not to ask the stall owner for their black marker so that I could add the missing “s” here. But that’s okay, because $3/lb for organic BrusselS sprouts? Oh, hell yeah! One of my favourite veggies, especially roasted in a salt, lemon pepper, balsamic vinegar and olive oil mix. Oh, yeah.


And this was the stylishly-bespectacled gentleman who sold us our sprouts. Are those sunnies groovy, or what? 🙂


I’m a sucker for the textures of wood crates.


This delightful plant—which I now know to be Mexican sage, thanks to the lovely suz or sooze on flickr—was growing in the gardens of the Whole Foods car park. So fluffy!


Then, to the dog park!



…and then a lovely walk around the attached naturey bits:


I don’t know why people have problems with geese; these guys are so mellow. Is it because they’re Canadian?



jellybabyThen home in the newest addition to our family. Its name is Jellybaby and it’s fabulous.

Of course, when we got home, there was a cat, judging us:



That’s Sundays for you.



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