my favourite baskets

Posted on 30 Jan ’13 by mimumau in 365

basketsI was just thinking today that I’m quite surprized that we don’t have more of these baskets, considering that we use them all the time for shopping, going to the beach, taking the dog’s stuff to the dog wash place, more shopping, storing cats…you know, the usual. The larger of the two—the green and yellow one—we bought about seven years ago at the East End Food Co-op in Pittsburgh and it’s been going strong ever since. The red and black one is about two years old and we got it at a Whole Foods market when we moved to California. They have survived the attacks of two out of our three cats thinking that they’re for scratching on or sleeping in (I guess they are for that, too). So, thanks, people in Ghana who made these. I hope you are well-compensated for your mad skills.




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