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Posted on 25 Jan ’13 by mimumau in 365


It’s kind of astonishing to me to be walking around in the latter half of January and be seeing the proper beginnings of spring, as well as the ends of autumn. It truly is as if winter doesn’t really happen here in central coast California. The photos in this entry are all from a walk I took today with my dog, Miro. I thought it would be nice to document the beginnings and end of the seasons.




wattleThis last one is especially interesting to me, as it’s a wattle tree, just starting to bloom. Interesting, why? Because the wattle is an Australian tree and here it is just down the road from me, growing in a creek in a sweet little park. There are an astonishing number of Australian plants in this part of the world. The most amazing, which I hope to get some photos of in Summer, is what I know as the “Christmas Tree”. It’s a Western Australian native tree that flowers in December in Western Australia, but summer here (obviously). Its proper name is the Nuytsia floribunda and it is a spectacular tree with giant yellow blooms. Nearby it grows in the middle of an apricot orchard, near the Saratoga library. When I was growing up in Western Australia I remember I always loved spotting these trees because they were so vibrant. It’s nice to see them here again :).


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