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22 Mar ’13

water waving

I think I got pretty lucky here. Water’s an amazing thing!

single leaf

Just a leaf that caught my eye in my backyard. When we moved here a couple of years ago, the backyard was pretty barren due …

20 Mar ’13

surprize crocosmia

For the last two springs here this plant hasn’t sent up flowers, just the spiky green leaves. This year, suddenly it flowers and so I …

driveway creeping

Just perving down somebody’s driveway during a local walk. Not creepy at all…no. 🙂

3 Feb ’13

mossy tree

A tree, pretty light and a small meadow behind made for some rather nice bokeh :).  

saratoga walkies

It’s kind of astonishing to me to be walking around in the latter half of January and be seeing the proper beginnings of spring, as …